Ubuntu: where do I find ubuntu 10.04 setup files [closed]


I need to install ubuntu 10.04. My CPU is i5 and my current ubuntu is 14.04. How can I find setup files?


You can get the previous version you request with this link, but I'm sincerely curious, bordering on doubtful, about your reason to install it. Can you tell us why it is you "need" to install it, so maybe we can help you with a better solution?



Thank you so much for liking my previous answer which I admit, strictly speaking, answered your question. However now that you have fleshed out your need in comments, I have what may be better suggestions.

I've only just googled "gconf" just enough to know that I don't know what you are getting at, but I still may have an idea which may be of help to you... I was going to suggest you move sideways to an alternate Ubuntu derivative such as LUBUNTU which might still use gconf, but then I did some digging and found this, "Install the dconf-editor instead". Is that useful?

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