Ubuntu: Where did blender generate the system-info.txt file?


Today I launched Blender and asked it to generate system info as I was curious what this button what do:

enter image description here

And after pressing that this came up:

enter image description here

I also got this in Terminal:

Info: System information generated in 'system-info.txt'  

However, after searching through my entire computer with the search feature (including hidden files in the search), and looking in predictable places such as /tmp and ~/, I can't seem to find it anywhere... So that is really my question, where has this file been generated?

Information Update:

Also, this may, or may not, be relevant, but upon every startup of Blender I get this error message in Terminal:

connect failed: No such file or directory  

OS Information:

Description:    Ubuntu 15.04  Release:    15.04  

Package Information:

blender:    Installed: 2.72.b+dfsg0-3build1    Candidate: 2.72.b+dfsg0-3build1    Version table:   *** 2.72.b+dfsg0-3build1 0          500 http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ vivid/universe amd64 Packages          100 /var/lib/dpkg/status  


This question does not concern Ubuntu but rather blender, however I still have an answer for you.

Blender has its own text editor which you can open by selecting text editor from the current editor button.

enter image description here

After you are in the text editor simply select the browse text button (icon that looks like a notepad) and select system-info.txt.

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