Ubuntu: When trying to install on Mac: “No mountable file system.”


I downloaded Ubuntu 14.04.2 - desktop. When I try to open the file, I have the following error message:


What should I do to solve this problem?


When I try to open the file

This is not an application or software installer and this is not how you install Ubuntu. You need to create a bootable medium, boot it, and then you can install Ubuntu. Macs with up to date firmware should behave like standard UEFI computers with Windows 8 or later, which means just follow the standard instructions. If they work, good for you, if not, follow karel's answer.


First in order to create a bootable USB on mac for Ubuntu you should follow these instructions I took from the Arch Wiki:

To be able to use dd on your USB device on a Mac you have to do some special maneuvers. First of all insert your usb device, OS X will automount it, and in Terminal.app run: diskutil list

Figure out what your USB device is called with mount or sudo dmesg | tail (e.g. /dev/disk1) and unmount the partitions on the device (i.e., /dev/disk1s1) while keeping the device proper (i.e., /dev/disk1):

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk1  

Now we can continue in accordance with the instructions above (but, if you are using the OS X dd, use /dev/rdisk instead of /dev/disk, and use bs=1m. rdisk means "raw disk" and is much faster on OS X, and bs=1m indicates a 1 MB block size).

# dd if=image.iso of=/dev/rdisk1 bs=1m    20480+0 records in  20480+0 records out  167772160 bytes transferred in 220.016918 secs (762542 bytes/sec)  

It is probably a good idea to eject your drive before physical removal at this point:

diskutil eject /dev/disk1  

After that install Refind as that should make booting into the USB installation of Ubuntu easy and then reboot your computer and select the USB.


It seems Ubuntu ISOs have some partition map shenanigans that make them unreadable using regular OS X tools. At least that's true for Ubuntu 15.10 and Mac OS X 10.8, but there are reports on the web regarding other versions too.

The only tool I was able to find that can successfully burn a Ubuntu ISO to USB is UNetbootin. Make sure to prepare the USB drive first with Disk Utility, choosing 1 Partition, GUID partition table (in the Options button) and MS-DOS FAT partition type.

I have not tried the resulting USB on my Mac, but it installed cleanly on a Windows PC, while no other method worked, including dd in the Terminal.

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