Ubuntu: what's the best package to add to an Ubuntu VPS account to get a terminal window?


For my Pair Networks VPS (running Ubuntu 10.04 on AMD64), and working install details with its illustrious support team, I am interested in suggestions for a robust terminal quasi-GUI'd window package for using grep, egrep, ed, sed, find, I/O piping, and redirection of stdin/stdout/stderr), i.e., accessible through my SSL-secured (https) URL? Thanks.


Before you consider anything else, ask yourself "What's wrong with SSH?" a hundred times. It's secure, supports better authentication (omgwhy are you still using passwords?!) and doesn't result in a server-side language running in a capacity that can su up to a privileged account.

That said, there are a number of options for providing web-access to a terminal console. shellinabox or webmin seem to be the most viable options.

I wouldn't trust any of them. Just use a SSH client.

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