Ubuntu: What is the easiest way to reinstall 14.04 LTS? Redux


I've tried this, none of it works.

What is the easiest way to reinstall 14.04 LTS?

So far I've: Made a bootable USB, made a bootable hard drive partition, neither will boot.

This is not a dual boot, this is not a windows machine, I do not need to save files or usernames. I've followed every direction I can find and nothing. I have an ongoing issue with ca-certificates that has never been solved, and I'm just trying to get a clean image at this point.

Booting off of a USB formatted with Unetbootin does nothing. The grub menu only has the current install.


One option is to create an Ubuntu Live CD, boot from that and install onto your hard drive, wiping out any existing non-working partitions.

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