Ubuntu: What is the best way to increase my Ubuntu partition?


I am now using Xubuntu in dual-boot with Windows7 and I need more space for Ubuntu. I had installed it for testing purposes because before 12.04 I had no support for this laptop, but now it works fine and I mainly use Xubuntu.

In the image below the Win7 partition is that from the right, the Ubuntu OS is on the small one in the middle. I think I should extend to the left, and before that, move files from the large partition (that has no OS on it) onto the Win7 partition, and then extend the Ubuntu partition into the free space created on the big one.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Is it possible?


It seems that you have this worked out perfectly already:

  1. move some files from sda2 to sda3 to free up some space,
  2. shrink sda2,
  3. move and extend sda4 to the left, because it holds sda5 and needs to be extended first,
  4. move and extend sda5 to the left.

“Moving Space Between Partitions” basically performs steps 2â€"4 in reverse, if you want a more detailed and credible source.

Warning: back up the data on sda2 and sda5 if you value it! Shrinking and moving around file systems is relatively risky and can leave them corrupted and their data inaccessible.

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