Ubuntu: What is the “buffer size” (audio) and how to choose the best amount of buffer size?


I'm learning about jack. There's something called the "buffer size" and is measured in samples. What is it and how to choose a good buffer size?


JACK Properties

Sample Rate, Buffer Size and Periods/Buffer determine the base JACK latency. Their default values of 48000, 1024 and 2 respectively should work with most devices but a latency over 10ms is not usually considered good enough to be called realtime. Anyone interested in multitrack recording may wish to experiment with these settings to achieve the lowest, xrun-free latency their hardware will allow. It is possible to achieve 1ms latency with good hardware and the correct configuration.

A smaller buffer gives lower latency. The lowest size most devices can handle is 64 but lower quality hardware may not handle any lower than 512.

For instance a smaller value like 128 for buffer size will help reduce latency if you will be recording non-midi instruments.


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