Ubuntu: What does '~$' mean? [closed]


I just reset my username and password and am logging in for the first time since reset. After entering username and password, I get a prompt


What do I type in for that?


The prompt ~$ means you are currently in your home directory (indicated by ~) and you are a normal user (not super user) indicated by $.

For a normal user:

username@ubuntu:~$ pwd  /home/username  username@ubuntu:~$ whoami  username  

For root (check #):

root@ubuntu:~# pwd  /root  root@ubuntu:~# whoami  root  

To getting started to using the terminal read this documentation properly.


Is this prompt a terminal/shell screen? If so, it denotes you are at your home directory. The ~ is shorthand for /home/$USER/ dir and the $ denotes the line of the console in which your user is typing.

If you are confused by the terminal prompt, and are expecting a GUI Desktop, you may not have one installed or loaded (such as "Unity" or "GNome").

Try searching the web for various desktop environments for Ubuntu. The great thing about Linux/Ubuntu is options! Here is a default means of installing a desktop:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

Check out this answer as well: How to install GUI desktop on a server?. I would encourage you to check out some other options first, then decide which you think you will like best.

You can spot check internet connectivity with:

ping www.google.com


curl www.google.com

(if you dont have curl installed by default, see below)

From the command line, you can install most programs with the following command:

apt-get install <package-name>

For help, try man apt-get

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