Ubuntu: What app or extension do I need to open a Windows cursor - .cur - file?


I have created a .cur file using an online image editing tool, but I can't open it. Gnome Image Viewer seems to lack some extension that is supposed to allow me to see .cur files. But after doing its search, the Gnome Image Viewer app can't find the required extension. I suppose I should look for it myself and add it manually. What do you advice me to do?

  1. Should I search for the extension Gnome Image Viewer app? And, in this case, where should I go, and what are the required steps?

  2. Should I use an independent app specially created for Windows cursors? And, in this case, what are, in your opinion the best apps?

Thank you in advance for your advices!


There is a command for that: icotool and it is part of icoutils

The icotool program converts and creates icon (.ico) and cursor (.cur) files. At the moment icons can only be created from and extracted into PNG files. This is done using libpng.

Icon and cursor files are used mainly on the Microsoft Windows(R) platform. Each icons or cursors file may contain multiple images of various resolutions and with different number of colors. Cursor files differ from icon files in that they also contain information about the hotspot of each image.

Recent versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer use icons for small site logotypes. The browser fetches a file called favicon.ico from a web site, and uses the images in this file to represent the site in menus and site lists. (This file is placed in the web site's root directory, like any other file.) Browsers like Galeon have copied this behaviour and now also fetches .ico files and use them for site logotypes.

As each icon or cursor file may contains multiple images of different dimensions and depth, a conversion may result in multiple PNG files being created. Correspondingly, multiple PNG files can be specified when creating an icon/cursor file.


Install icoutils by executing following in terminal :

sudo apt-get install icoutils  

And then use icotool

Execute man icotool for manual

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