Ubuntu: wget 200 Webcat Access denied error


I am trying to download this file from terminal but getting following error

sudo wget "http://indiamp3download.com/indian_movies/Gangs_Of_Wasseypur_(2012)_IndiaMp3.Com.zip"    http://indiamp3download.com/indian_movies/Gangs_Of_Wasseypur_(2012)_IndiaMp3.Com.zip  Resolving indiamp3download.com (indiamp3download.com)...  Connecting to indiamp3download.com (indiamp3download.com)||:80... connected.  HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 Webcat Access denied  Length: unspecified [text/html]  Saving to: ‘Gangs_Of_Wasseypur_(2012)_IndiaMp3.Com.zip.7’  

Any other way or something I am missing ?


According to the output of wget, the remote HTTP server returns the response code and message:

200 Webcat Access denied  

This is a bit odd, because status code 200 is supposed to denote success, but the subsequent status messages contains "denied". It's also a non-standard message, because "Webcat" doesn't appear anywhere in the HTTP specification.

To summarize, the error lies not with you but with the server administrator. There's nothing, you can do about it without their help.


The error means that your network provider doesn't allow you to download a file exceeding a particular file size. Ask your network provider to allow you to download large files.

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