Ubuntu: Weird launcher bar/chrome bug, hard to describe


I have Chrome locked to the launcher, but when I click it, it opens another icon on the launcher. When I hover over it, it says the name of one of my bookmarks. I've unlocked and locked to no avail. Screenshot here. The first Chrome icon on launcher just says Google Chrome when hovered over. In the screenshot, it still says the bookmark, so it's not changing according to what page I have open (which is ask ubuntu in the screen) I want to make the Chrome icon launch normally again. Thanks for any help.


I just solved this problem with my Chrome.

Go to ~/.local/share/applications/ there will probably be a file named google-chrome-stable.desktop. If there's not try grep -i 'one world from your bookmark name' and it should return the file containing this false launcher.

Inside this file should be a line with something like Name=Your bookmark. If so, you are safe to delete it (just in case check if you have /usr/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop on your system, otherwise you won't get any icon)


I can't see a screenshot, but I'm on mobile right now so that may not be your fault.

Close and unlock Chrome from the launcher, reboot, then open Chrome and lock it to the launcher again. That may fix your issue.

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