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I am currently in need of using apt-get on a chroot directory. The setup is the following.

I have a chroot setup with schroot. This chroot environment needs to be stripped down as much as possible. Therefore I am planning to remove apt-get and commin from the chroot environment.

I know that Gentoo has the possibility to use portage on a different root directory. Is this possible to set a different root directory for apt.get to install software into my chroot directory?

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You need debootstrap chroot.

  1. Install packages on the host computer.

    sudo apt-get install debootstrap  sudo apt-get install schroot  
  2. Create a configuration file for schroot.

  3. Run debootstrap.

  4. Check the chroot.

  5. Now you can use whatever you want, including installation using


The detailed instructions and more information can be found in the above link

Another useful link can be found here.

A simpler instructions:

Create a chroot environment into which you will install your packages:

debootstrap precise fakeInstallation  

Replace "precise" with your Ubuntu version name, and "fakeInstallation" with directory you want to chroot.

Now you have created a fake installation in the fakeInstallation directory

chroot fakeInstallation  

Now you can use apt-get install within the fakeInstallation directory

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