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Will I be given an option to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04.1 from 14.04 when I bootup from a cd or usb drive? Or do I need to do a complete new install?

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If you have been doing regular updates, you may already have 14.04.1.

check $lsb_release -a


If you have 14.04 and you have been allowing it to install all the updates, you will already have all the updates included in 14.04.1.

The "point releases" like this are a way of bundling all the updates that have been released so far so that people installing 14.04 "fresh" (eg from a DVD) won't need to download so many updates immediately after installation. It may also allow a smoother installation process because the version being installed will benefit from any new hardware support in those updates.

But if you already have a 14.04 system you'll already have those updates.


If lsb_release -a shows that you are running 14.04 try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade && sudo shutdown -r now

After the reboot you should be running Ubuntu 14.04.1

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