Ubuntu: Upgrade to Windows 10 on an already dual booted Ubuntu / Windows 7


I have a Toshiba Satallite E55-A5114 which I already downgraded to Windows 7 and have a working Dual Boot to Ubuntu. So my GRUB and BIOS are already working for the dual boot.

Now, I have the option to upgrade my Windows 7 partition to Windows 10. Can I do this as is?

This is such an unknown, I am actually not sure what specific questions to ask besides "how do I do it?" :)


Yes you can upgrade to Window 10 and keep Ubuntu. You would just have to follow the directions on Windows. ****First I make a backups disk for Ubuntu****


Short answer, yes you can.

If you haven't already taken a backup, do so. See this for how.


  1. Make a LiveUSB or CD/DVD of Ubuntu.
  2. Remove grub to make sure the Windows update goes without a hitch.
  3. Update Windows and let it do it's thing.
  4. Reboot and boot into Live Ubuntu.
  5. Follow this. PS: Really worth a read.



I upgraded to Windows 10 without a backup and nothing bad happened to Windows or Ubuntu. Making a backup is ideal of course, but nothing should happen.

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