Ubuntu: Unable to use laptop display since attaching monitor


Manufacturer will be taking this in for repair. Thanks to those that tried to help.

I recently got a new Skylake laptop with 15.10 installed.

The problem is that since connecting my external monitor, I can't seem to be able to use the laptop's own display.

I've tried using mirrored display, turning on/off the different displays and using the proprietary and open source/Ubuntu drivers.

I've read several posts concerning dual displays here, but none of the solutions I've seen seem to work.

All software is up to date.

Update: xrandr -q shows DP1, HDMI1 and VIRTUAL1
HDMI1 is connected. The others aren't and commands like xrandr -d VIRTUALDISPLAY1 yield Can't open display [name]


I think this can be solved by using the Fn+F5 command or maybe yours may be Alt+Comman+F5 since it's a Mac. Hope this helps.


So it looks like that Ubuntu on that Laptop is stuck in the external display mode.

  • When you power it down and power it on again without the external display detected, does anything show up on the internal display ? You should see, in sequence: BIOS - Grub - Linux boot - Login screen

  • When you have it up and running on the external display and go to system settings - displays. Does the laptop display is shown ? Can you enable and use the laptop display ?


Have you tried unplugging the battery or even unplugging and plugging bask in the display connector inside the laptop? I have had similar issues with laptops in the past while running ubuntu, and those seems to work for me.

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