Ubuntu: Unable to see Recent Chats in skype 4.3


After upgrading to latest version ( the skype no longer showing Recent chats. It is showing a small black box as shown in the bellow pic instead of chat list.

enter image description here

If I downgrade the version, I am not able to login Skype. How to make "Recent Chats" to show recent chat history?


Try this:

  • Quit skype
  • Move away the ~/.Skype folder
  • Start skype without the previous history.

That worked for me, at least first. However, the problem with the disappeared Recent chats came back, so I had to redo the above...

It seems like a bug in the new skype client.


Yes, there's a way to do it. You need to edit the main.db database file as follows:

$ sqlite3 main.db  update Messages   set body_xml=substr(body_xml,instr(body_xml,'<files'),12)||               substr(body_xml,0,instr(body_xml,'<files'))||               substr(body_xml,instr(body_xml,'alt=')+5)   where type=68 and body_xml not like '<file%';  .quit  

(via https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/skype)

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