Ubuntu: Unable to access MAAS nodes


I am trying to access to MAAS nodes. I cannot access them with ubuntu user nor ssh from MAAS server. I've added SSH key in MAAS web interface. I need to install Virsh onto them, but I cannot even access them anyway.

Thanks in advance :)


ssh ubuntu@  

This will not work with a MAAS node from my experience. You need to use the FQDN hostname you used to name the MAAS node. If you are having DNS issues it will make this difficult.

ping OS-baseVM  

I am assuming OS-baseVM is the name of the MAAS node you are trying to connect to. If you start getting replies great hit ctrl-c. If it errors out you have a DNS issue.

Simple fix to the DNS issue is to add the MAAS node names to your /etc/hosts file.  OS-baseVM  

This is how I was able to log onto my first nodes. This allows your MAAS server to see your nodes. You then have to duplicate this on each node to see the MAAS server. It is better to fix bind9, but currently I don't know how to do that.

In short, you are on the right track. Make sure your SSH key is correct. Make sure DNS is working. Then ssh ubuntu@OS-baseVM should work.


Get an look here and here, I hope it helps you.

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