Ubuntu: Ubutnu 14.04 installation issue - Keyboard and mouse not working


After installing the new Ubuntu version 14.04 LTS, the keyboard and mouse are not working.

I have Ubuntu 10.10 installed and i want to update to the last version (14.04), so i installed the new version in a new hard disk.

During installation the keyboard and mouse worked fine, after reboot the keyboard and mouse didn't work anymore. If i try to unplug any of them and then i reconnect them, sometimes the system halts.

I have a motherboard ECS C51GM-M, and the keyboard and mouse are PS/2.

It's important to mention that in Ubuntu version 10.10, all still works fine.

Finally, i want to clarify that i'm new in Ubuntu, i haven't installed the previous version.

Thanks for the help


I had this problem after updating. I can't use my keyboard/mouse if I load the latest Linux kernel, (Linux 3.13.0-24-generic) but if I choose an older one (Linux 3.11.0-19) under Advanced options for Ubuntu in GRUB it works for me.

I have a PS/2 keyboard and USB mouse.

Not sure if that helps on your new install though, it might not have shipped with other kernel versions


I had the same problem, mouse and keyboard working fine in the installer but nothing at all working when the system booted.

I used unetbootin for writing the USB stick from which I installed. After switching to Universal USB installer and reinstalling the system, everything is now working fine.

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