Ubuntu: Ubuntu Server virtual audio


I wanted to know how to configure a server with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to make it a platform for audio streaming via another program.

I think that there are no drivers installed, and being a server even the device.

I checked with the command lspci the presence of audio devices, and I have not found.


You can use PulseAudio to pipe outputs of most of Linux applications to other applications.

Run pactl load-module module-virtual-sink sink_name=insertsomefancynamehere in your Terminal.

Install pavucontrol and run it. You should see all applications connected to PulseAudio server. Make sure application you want to stream (eg. Spotify) is playing something and is visible in Playback tab. enter image description here

Change it's output to virtual sink you've created. Now click Recording tab and to the same for application that is used to do streaming (eg. TeamSpeak).

TeamSpeak should hear Spotify now :D

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