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I'm on Ubuntu 15.04 and I'm experiencing a very strange problem with the mouse pointer. It moves without any problem but it doesn't click, it doesn't right click, the page forward and page backwards buttons on it don't work, it seems that only the movement is being registered. And when I hover over a clickable thing such as a link or a button the icon doesn't change to the little hand icon. Also the mouse refuses to switch between monitors. And a bit more of an unrelated problem. I'm using a Corsair k70 RGB keyboard and the media keys won't work in ubuntu. But after this problem happens they work totally fine. This problem has happened to me once or twice a week to me for quite a while now and today it struck the last nerve.The problem usually gets fixed when I do a restart.


Okay, I was just narrowing down solutions here, because there are some known solutions for trackpads with similar "non-clicking" issues. Have you tried clicking on "System Settings", then "Software & Updates", then clicking on the "Additional Drivers" tab? Wait for it to search the available drivers, and enable any keyboard/mouse driver that needs to be installed. See if that works.


I had this issue and it also affected my wireless network - couldn't use mouse or connect to wifi. All devices were found, but I was getting a bunch of errors.

Turned out that I reset BIOS to factory defaults (then updated them to what I thought I needed) and this was my problem. I had to go back into the BIOS and find a little setting called "IOMMU". Enabling this solved all my issues.

I found this out by looking in dmesg and finding a little nugget that said something like "couldn't find MMU... disabling. blah blah...". Once it was enabled, the irq remapping gets enabled and (i guess) the IRQs don't bash anymore.

Anyways - hope this helps others in a similar situation.

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