Ubuntu: Ubuntu keeps booting from live CD after installation


It seems everyone else has got the exact opposite of my problem. They can't boot from Live CD but not other way around as I am...or at least that's what I'm assuming the problem is.

Here's what I did. I have an acer iconia tab w500 tablet (windows 7) with dvd-rom, 1TB usb3-hard drive and other stuff connected to it via USB, like a finger scanner) and I decided to try Ubuntu on a tablet.

Burn the ISO to a DVD, booted from DVD, partitioned it to ext4 with swap and installed but soon as it restarts its just keep booting from the Live CD and not from where it s installed (the 1tb hard drive).

If I take the cd out, it just gives error like "can't found live cd source". By the way there is already Windows 7 installed on tablets internal storage(32GB)

I installed Ubuntu on the external hard drive, so on the boot screen it asks which OS I want.

Before the installation the, tablet didn't boot from the Live CD and straight opened windows 7. I can't change BIOS settings and see which device is booting first (since I've got no external keyboard to press F2 after pressing correct buttons on the tablet).

I had to choose this option from the Ubuntu Live CD menu in Windows to install this additional autorun setting.


If anyone thinks these images are OTT, please comment and I'll shrink them. I'm trying to be funny, I'm probably not managing

This is because the bios is in the wrong order. You need to set the external HDD as the first boot item.

Solution? Buy one of these?

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Is there another way to remove this without getting into BIOS? I'm not keen to walk to town just to buy a keyboard. If I could only now what did it changed I can undo it from windows.

Nope. You need to buy one of those.

BIOS is the problem, BIOS is the fix.


From reading all the comments I understand you tried to install Ubuntu using WUBI.EXE from within Windows.

See Is WUBI installation a full installation, or is it a live CD with persistent file or partition? and How do I know if I am running Wubi or a proper dual-boot? for more on WUBI.

WUBI does not use the GRUB bootloader, but uses Windows' own bootloader. It looks like the Windows bootloader somehow got misconfigured to point to the LiveDVD instead of the correct boot initiation file probably something like c:\ubuntu\winboot\wubildr.mbr.

Without Buying a Keyboard:

You can try to fix the Windows boot loader and make it point to the right file. See this HowToGeek for details.

With a keyboard:

Or you can delete the WUBI install by booting Windows and using Control Panel > Programs > Unisntall a Program > Ubuntu. Then you will need to go into BIOS (using the keyboard you need to buy) and set the tablet to boot from the Live DVD and do a complete install (not WUBI).

If you installed Ubuntu in an external USB drive:

Remember to put the bootloader (GRUB) in the same external USB drive. It may be /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc or some such thing. Don't put it in any specific partition such as /dev/sdb1 or /dev/sdc1 etc.

Once Ubuntu is installed, you may have to change the boot order in the BIOS again. Set it to the drive where Ubuntu is installed. If the external drive is attached it should show GRUB and give you the choice to boot Ubuntu (default) or Windows. If the drive is not present during boot, the tablet should boot straight to Windows.


Have you tried using Boot-Repair-Disk from sourceforge.com. I have had the same issue using an external hard drive. When you boot-up the Boot-Repair-Disk, one of the questions it will ask is if one of your hard drives is external, answer YES and allow the disk to setup GRUB with your external drive. The Boot-Repair-disk download is free, just burn it to DVD, its a very good tool to have on hand. Hope this helps!! When you asked your question, you said you installed ubuntu on your 1TB internal hard drive that had windows on it, and at the end of your question you said you installed it on an external drive? If you installed it onto the external drive GRUB needs to know this to set up properly.

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