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When i start the pc it boots fine but then it just shows gray background and nothing else if i move the mouse it shows the cursor on the gray screen also i am able to login into it by typing "Enter password Enter" although i am not able to see login happening on screen it does login and redirects to desktop and after that if i take screenshot it looks like this Screenshot as you can see in the screen shot its two displays but actually there is only one display attached. if i move the cursor to the right edge it goes outside the monitor,seems like it is going inside "buit in display" if i disable the default display it seems working fine but every time i restart i have to disable it and the login problem is insane any one other then me can't figure out how to login to my pc.

I have the same problem on Ubuntu and Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 LTS I have LG 22M35 screen which is big 22 inch screen.


This problem (AFAIK) is not Ubuntu's fault. It is the graphics card itself.

What I believe is happening is that the graphics card is creating a "ghost" monitor. It's (usually) disabled unless it's needed by the computer. This allows the system to use the monitor without having to reboot.

A potential patch for this is to simply disable the extra monitor, unless needed. If you have a laptop, look for the "Mirror Mode" display. Hit it until the second monitor disappears. You might also have luck just disabling from the Displays menu.


This sounds like a known, on-going bug with Xserver for Ubuntu 13.10 and 14.04. Here's a couple links with workarounds and a bug thread for NVidia cards:

Unknown display besides laptop Built-in display

Ubuntu detects a non-existing screen

Not sure if you tried to upgrade your Xserver or what HWE you're using but you may want to try that. More info on your system's configuration might help get the proper diagnosis for this problem.

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