Ubuntu: Ubuntu can't see any of my files


I just installed Ubuntu and I am enjoying its refreshing look. However when I click pictures or videos nothing loads at all. Even my Downloads folder shows as empty.

Where are all my files from my Windows account? It's just me on the computer and no other user. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

Also where are all my files I created in Windows like my My Documents folder and subfolders in my My Documents folder.


If you installed Ubuntu along with Windows, when you open up Ubuntu, in your file manager there should be a side bar that lists all your primary folders, Music, Documents, Desktop, Etc. At the top there should be a section that says "Devices" under that there should be a device that says "64 GB Filesystem" (fill in 64 GB with whatever size your partition is) if you click on that it should show your Windows files. You might need a password, but I doubt it. Hope I answered your question correctly! :)

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