Ubuntu: Ubuntu 15.04 freezing on shutdown/reset and having problem with AMD


Having upgraded from 14.10 to 15.04 my AMD graphics were still working but going to TTY, reset or shutdown would result in a freeze. The logs gave no real clues as to what is going on.

What I found so far: - Selecting the 3.16 kernel in Grub prevents the freeze problem, but also prevents you from using fglrx - Manually selecting the X.org driver (in Software & updates) prevents the freezing too, which makes me think it is purely driver related - Changing /etc/default/grub to "quiet", as mentioned elsewhere for freezing issues on shutdown, does not change anything

What I would really like is to have the fglrx driver again, but I cannot tolerate a freeze everytime X is closing down. I will probably need to downgrade Ubuntu I guess, but if someone has an easier solution then please let me know.


Sorry for bad English:)

Had same issue on my Lenovo laptop (intel hd video card) - had a freeze on restart/shutdown/sleep with Kubuntu 15.04. Same issue was reproduced with Ubuntu 14.04. In my case I even was unable to switch to tty. On my laptop i had no fglrx, tried to modify grub config with all found "solutions" as reboot=bios & etc. - nothing helped.

Finally I fixed this on Kubuntu 15.04 by installing older kernel and headers (3.16.0 vs 3.19.6) + marked them as "hold" in aptitude + removed 3.19.6 kernel completely for now. Maybe you'll find other less aggressive solution but I needed fully working laptop asap.

Here're links to save you some googling time:)

Install 3.16.0 kernel (look at the accepted answer): How can I install 3.16 kernel on Ubuntu 14.04

Mark kernel and headers as "hold" to prevent upgrade (easy way through aptitude):

If you haven't got aptitude installed

sudo apt-get install aptitude  

Run aptitude

sudo aptitude  

Find installed kernel and headers under "Obsolete packages" section (don't remember exact name, sorry) and click "Package" -> "Hold" while selecting kernel or headers.

Remove 3.19.* kernel using Synaptics Package Manager: http://connectwww.com/how-to-remove-old-linux-kernels-in-ubuntu-via-synaptic-package-manager/614/

Hope it will help someone. In my case restart/shutdown and sleep are working fine now.


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