Ubuntu: Ubuntu 15.04 doesn't start with nvidia driver


Hello I upgraded from Ubuntu 14.10 to 15.04 and when I use the proprietary Nvidia driver Ubuntu doesn't boot. It shows "Starting 219" on my secondary screen and on my primary screen it shows something like "Starting Displaymanager" and at this point it gets stuck.


I found the solution here. I also reinstalled ubuntu but I think that wasn't the solution.


This is the result of the drivers. For some reason Ubuntu 15.04 seems to have an issue with nvidia drivers.

Here is my solution, tough its more like a "workaround"

ACPI PPC Probe failed. Starting version 219 NVIDIA


If you get stuck at something like "Starting Displaymanager", hold Alt+SysRq keys and press R+E+S+U+I+B sequentially to restart Ubuntu safely.

Then hold the shift key during boot to open the GRUB boot loader. In there, choose Advanced option for Ubuntu.

Now, try every option from below to the top, except recovery mode one. At least one kernel will be able to boot.

If you are able to login, suspend ubuntu instead of shut down unless some updates really need to restart ubuntu.


To improve the answer from dragon2fly... On most keyboards, SysRq is PRTSCN (the print screen button). So hold down the Alt key and the PRTSCN key while you type (in lower case, you don't also need the shift key) reisub (resiub should work just as well). The system should reboot immediately.

I had the same problem as Marten, and for me, Ctrl+Alt+Delete did exactly the same thing as reisub.

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