Ubuntu: Ubuntu 14.04 - TP-Link TL-WN727N


I just bought a TP-Link TL-WN727N wireless USB adapter. I plugged it into my machine and booted, but nothing seemed to happen. I ran lsusb and there she was

Bus 002 Device 002: ID 148f:7601 Ralink Technology, Corp.   

From this thread How do I get a TP-Link TN-WN727N usb wireless stick working? I saw I should try running (note the command is now edited for my device id, 148f 7601)

echo 'install rt2800usb modprobe --ignore-install rt2800usb ; /bin/echo "148f 7601"      > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/rt2800usb/new_id' | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/rt2800usb.conf  sudo modprobe -v rt2800usb  

Nothing seemed to happen and I still don't see any wireless networks detected under the network manager menu. iwconfig just prints

eth0      no wireless extensions.  lo        no wireless extensions.  

Thanks in advance


Update for anyone who needs it:

The wireless module did not start after rebooting so I ran sudo modprobe -v rt2800usb

and the wireless worked immediately.

I then removed the blacklisted drivers (which I added earlier) from /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

Next I added rt2800usb to /etc/modules. Rebooted and my wireless starts up automatically.


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