Ubuntu: Ubuntu 14.04 totem video player show big play/pause icon on screen


After I updated my desktop to 14.04 totem or unity default video player show it's play/pause icon very big on the screen, and there is nothing in preferences that i can change it.

any suggestions ? enter image description here


Something messed up with your icon set for totem. Just reinstall it with:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall totem  


Patch code below to totem3.10.1, will fix this annoying problem.

It may cause other display problems as i haven't run a full test

have fun!

--- totem-3.10.1/src/totem-object.c 2013-09-29 20:18:43.000000000 +0800  +++ totem-3.10.1-myversion/src/totem-object.c   2014-10-08 21:59:52.266918845 +0800  @@ -3356,6 +3356,7 @@              icon_name = totem_get_rtl_icon_name ("media-playback-start");          else              icon_name = "media-playback-pause-symbolic";  +       icon_name = NULL;          totem_fullscreen_show_popups_or_osd (totem->fs, icon_name, FALSE);          totem_action_play_pause (totem);          return TRUE;  @@ -3692,6 +3693,7 @@          retval = FALSE;      }    +   icon_name = NULL;      if (icon_name != NULL)          totem_fullscreen_show_popups_or_osd (totem->fs,                               icon_name,  

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