Ubuntu: ubuntu 14.04 login keyboard stuck on english. I want french keyboard


I installed Ubuntu 14.04LTS on a french computer (AZERTY keyboard, see below) enter image description here

but I selected english keyboard while installing Ubuntu. Then change my keyboard parameter like this: enter image description here

and here is my language setting: enter image description here

Then I installed sougou for linux (it is FCITX, see below). enter image description here

Then I restarted Ubuntu, and on login screen => The login keyboard (and onboard as well) are ENGLISH. How to change to FRENCH ?

Thank you.

Note: my system is in english language but I want the french keyboard as soon as the computer boot, especially to login my password with french accent.

Note 2: for those stuck on the login screen because of this, know that you can input special character on login using the combination Ctrl+Shift+U then character hex code.


If you press the Windows Key (or Super Key, depending on how you want to call it) + Space bar you can change between the languages. To set French as your default keyboard input, go to System Settings > Keyboard > Text input and then select French and use the arrows below to move it to the top position. I use multiple languages too and this is how I manage them.


So here is what I did: First, I changed us for fr in this file /var/lib/AccountsService/users/YOU, see below

enter image description here

And then in the Ubunu system settings, I pressed this button "apply system wide" in the Language tab.

enter image description here

And I pressed the same button but in Regional Formats tab.

enter image description here

And after a restart, my keyboard on login (unity-greeter) is french keyboard!

enter image description here

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