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I encountered the following problem: after a usual boot I got a blinking mouse pointer and font (i.e. changing in size up and down). Got a message "Ubuntu 14.04 internal error" as well, but couldn't do a printscreen with the details. Another thing is that when I try to shut down and choose "shut down" in the upper-right corner menu, I never get a usual "restart/shut down" window, but "lock/log off" instead.

Any ideas, what it can be?

ps. I've already checked display settings and there is only one built-in display.


First, enter a console as it seems you can't really do much with your current setup.

To do this type CtrlAltF1.

You should now have a login prompt that looks somewhat like this:

Ubuntu (some version number) (computer name) TTY1    (computer name) login:  

Now type your username, press enter, type your password, and press enter again. If all goes well, you should have a logged in terminal session.

I don't fully know what's wrong with your installation but I guess it has something to do with your configuration files. (If you could get some more information out of the error dialog ie what package crashed that would help a lot)

Corrupted Configuration Files:

To remedy (in terminal) type these commands

mkdir oldconfigs #create a directory to hold all the possibly corrupted configuration files  mv .* oldconfigs #move all configuration files to the oldconfigs directory.  sudo reboot now # reboot the computer  

If you need to restore some of these configuration files later, they will still be safe in the oldconfigs directory.


I was facing the same problem. My problem was solved by using this command

sudo dpkg --configure -a  

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