Ubuntu: Ubuntu 12.04 Volume up down mute stopped working


I'm using a Lenovo SL500 for several years now and suddenly the Volume keys stopped working. It could be that a kernel updated caused it - I don't know.

However when I go to the keyboard settings -> Shortcuts -> Sound and Media, I can set e.g. Volume Mute with my multimedia key and then it says "AudioMute". But when I later hit the Volume Mute key nothing happens.


I found a solution: deleting ~/.pulse then logout. Next time it happens I will try the other answer too.


I had the same issue on 15.04

There was no .pulse but there was .pulse-cookie. So I deleted it and it works like a charm now.

So updated solution for 15.04:

sudo rm ~/.pulse-cookie  


Resetting media key prefrences worked for me

dconf reset -f /org/gnome/settings- daemon/plugins/media-keys/  

if it does not work maybe you should try

dconf reset -f /org/gnome/settings- daemon/plugins  

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