Ubuntu: trying to install mysql-connector for python 3


my experience is minimal with Linux so i need a little help!

i am trying to install the python mysql-connector for python3.2, i was able to use pip to install it for python2.7 with 'pip install mysql-connector'. To install it for python 3 i believe you have to use the python3 pip instead of the python2 pip, i read that somewhere but im not sure if its correct, does the python3 pip know to get the correct connector or do you have to specify the specific version like 'pip install mysql-connector1.2'.

anyways, i was finding it difficult to get the py3 pip, then i came across a post advising the use of 'virtualenv' to make it easier to work with different versions of python. This post:

How to install pip for python 3 in ubuntu 12.04 LTS

says to create the virtual environment, activate it and then proceed to pip install whatever package you need. however, when i get as far as pip install it doesnt seem to get the mysql-connector that i need, and running 'pip --version' from inside the virtualenv it tells me that the python2.7 pip is being used.

i've tried other things to try get pip3 such as 'easy-install pip3' which doesnt seem to work either.

Is this the only route to take to get the correct mysql-connector? or is there another way i can get pip3 (for py3.2)?

thanks, any advice greatly appreciated!


Ah! The problem you seem to be facing is you can't create virtualenv with python3.

And to install dependencies for python3 environment you run pip3 install package-name

Follow these steps for creating virtualenv in python3 environment:

virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 yourenv  source yourenv/bin/activate  pip3 install mysql-connector  


sudo apt-get install python3-mysql.connector
pip3 install mysql-connector

this will install mysql.connector for python3 on ubuntu


Just install pip for python3:

sudo apt-get install python3-pip  

And afterwards your can use pip3 as yask comments:

pip3 install mysql-connector  

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