Ubuntu: TOR Related Question


So I dont want to install the TOR Browser Bundle on my computer, I just want to execute (open) it from the .sh file that is provided when you download the TBB from the tor site. But for some odd reason when I click open the .sh file will not open. ALL other shell scripts that I have executed have opened successfully, all but this TOR one. Can some plz tell me what I can do. I know you can install it via PPA, but like I mentioned I dont want to install it. I have already set all .sh files to "run executable text files when they are opened" in my nautilus preferences. I just upgraded to 14.04 a few nights ago. Thanks in advance.


You should make sure the box is checked after the upgrade, and then make the script executable: How to make a file (e.g. a .sh script) executable, so it can be run from terminal

Then you can double click it and it will run.

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