Ubuntu: To ignore some files in backup of 16.04?


I have some data files of several GBs which I would not like to be included in backups. I am using at the moment Deja Dup but later Systemback. Systemback is making exact mirror images of the system. I can prevent files from desktop search by the suffix .noindex in OSX. Something similar to prevent backups like .nobackup would be great. It would be great to have some sort of blacklist/ignoreList for some specific filenames.

How can you ignore files from backup by the two backup systems?


I do not recommend to use Deja-dup because it will fail if multiple file-systems and also in many dynamic situations. Just use tar czf for making the backup as described here with an attempt for quality assurance. In tar, use --exclude=$HOME/Music/ etc. Make cron if you need regular backup.

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