Ubuntu: Terminal opening two instances of Sublime instead of one


When I'm in the terminal in the appropriate folder I wish to open. I type subl . and two instances of Sublime Text comes up.

  • If the folder I'm in is the same folder as my last session then I get two instances of the same folder in sublime.
  • If I'm in a folder of a different project then my last session then it will pull up the correct folder in sublime and an additional instance of sublime with the last project I was in.

I'd like it to only pull up once with only the directory I'm asking for. Is there a setting somewhere that I have wrong or am I using the wrong command?


Please type only subl without the period(.), once you are in the appropriate folder you wish to open in the terminal. This will open a single instance of the sublime text.


Add these lines in Preferences -> Settings - User. It worked for me in Sublime Text 3.

{      "hot_exit": false,      "remember_open_files": false  }  

But, when we open Sublime Text from dash/search, all the projects/folders from the previous session are removed. You will get a new blank instance of Sublime Text.

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