Ubuntu: sudo and apt-get not found


I'm handling server as RA which was passed down to me by another graduated RA but I'm new and fresh to this environment facing a few issues right now. The server is setup by the graduate RA from scratch.

First of all, I'm accessing the server via PuTTY and logging in the server with username:root and its password. Then I'm trying to run some command but it shows sudo: not found. NOTE:username is ROOT. NOT THE ROOT PRIVILLEGE.

I tried surfing for solution which asked me to install sudo with apt-get install sudo but apt-get: not found popped out.

Since I'm accessing via PuTTY, I'm not able to get into grub menu for root shell prompt. I did a reboot but it didn't help.

Please help me on this issue, I highly appreciate all solutions.


The whole purpose of sudo is to temporarily allow you to do what root can do.

If another person has been putting it together from scratch, it is highly probable that person got rid of sudo. As long as you can use root account, you can do everything you need.


Like @terdon I'm suspecting your server is not Ubuntu. (Also, please consider that people reading your questions are not in your context. What's a RA? A research assistant?)

Is the server a physical machine nearby that you happen to access through Putty, some remote machine in a remote datacenter, something else ? Also please run cat /etc/lsb-release to get hints.

Regarding root user, some hosting services provide an account that is named root and has somehow more rights that regular account yet is not actually a full superuser. In that case it's somehow logical that sudo is not available.

Regarding apt-get, presumably you wanted to use it to install some software. It generally does not exist on non-Debian based platforms.

Chances are, you don't actually need sudo or apt-get in your context. Those are tools to satisfy needs, what need makes you believe you have to use those tools ?

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