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I installed Dropbox (2.0.26) via the command line instructions here.

Dropbox is running great except that it won't start on startup. The command given, ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd, runs fine via the terminal or Alt+F2, but it isn't working in Startup Programs.

I'm probably missing something obvious regarding the syntax for a startup program command. Any suggestions?


Click on the dropbox icon on the top of your screen, hit "preferences" and tick the button where it says "Start dropbox on system startup" in the "general" tab.


Follow these steps to make Dropbox start up each time.

  1. Click on the Ubuntu "Dash" icon
  2. Type Startup Applications in the Dash search area
  3. Click on the "Startup Applications" ico
  4. Click "Add" button
  5. For "Name:", type Dropbox
  6. For "Command:", type /home/{your-username}/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd
  7. For "Comment:", this can be left blank
  8. Click "Add" button
  9. Click "Close" button
  10. Restart your computer


First you have to create a dropbox.desktop file, with the following contents:

[Desktop Entry]  Name=Dropbox  GenericName=File Synchronizer  Comment=Sync your files across computers and to the web  Exec=dropbox start -i  Terminal=false  Type=Application  Icon=dropbox  Categories=Network;FileTransfer;  StartupNotify=false  

Once its created, you need to move it to ~/.config/autostart folder, reboot, and that's it.

enter image description here

Remark: if dropbox was installed from the command line, the line "Exec=dropbox start -i" doesn't work, it needs to be replaced by "Exec=/home/username/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd" where /home/username is your home directory.


In the terminal, type

dropbox autostart y  


Try this command:

sudo apt-get install nautilus-dropbox  

It ships in the autostart function.


I tried all the other methods: Only this method as stated by previous user has worked for me:


cd /usr/bin  

Then rename executable with this command:

sudo mv dropbox dropbox1   

Then create a new file called dropbox using command:

sudo gedit dropbox  

Then write this:

#!/bin/bash  ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd  

Save and exit, change premission:

sudo chmod 0755 dropbox  

then restart the computer.


Create a startup application with name say "Dropbox2" and write this line in it.

sh -c  ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd  

Save and exit, then restart the computer.

One of the 2 work properly.


To add any program on startup, go to 'Dash Home' and choose 'Startup Applications'. There you can add any program that wish to run on startup.


Create a startup application with name say "dropBOX" and write this line in it.

sh -c  ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd  

Save and exit, then restart the computer.


This is the only way (and incidentally, the easiest way) I could get this to work on 14.04 without a buggy install or doing a .desktop file (which I couldn't get to work). I had to install the .deb using these instructions:

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys 5044912E    sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://linux.dropbox.com/ubuntu $(lsb_release -sc) main"    sudo apt-get update    sudo apt-get install dropbox  

Then you should get a prompt to install Dropbox from the GUI (if you don't, search in your Applications for it and run by clicking the icon). Once Dropbox is installed and you're logged in, the preferences should default to autostart, but in case they don't, you can right-click on the Dropbox icon, go to "Preferences", and check "Start Dropbox on System Startup"

Got the instructions from this answer (which seems to have been lost in the annals of the forum for some reason): Running Dropbox at startup


sudo apt-get install nautilus-dropbox  dropbox start  

after you install the nautilus-dropbox you will find dropbox on the startup applications list and check it. :)


you need to connect it to your account... If you have no gui, you can do it by running the server (after installation), try

dropbox start  dropbox status  

if it is not running, try running the demon directly, and it will give you a link to enter from another computer to verify password, e.g.:

~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd  This computer isn't linked to any Dropbox account...  Please visit https://www.dropbox.com/cli_link_nonce?nonce=adfalhwelkjfhlasdk to link this device  

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