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Hey guys i wanted to ask if there will be any inconvenience if I use Linux .

The problem is my teacher has recommended me

1.) G++ compiler 2.) Notepad ++ 3.) MS Visual Studio 2012

What are the alternatives or I will have to purchase Windows . I am currently using Linux Mint 17 and loving it. Plus really limited on resources because I am a computer science student .

Secondary question

Can you tell me where to get some free games ?


  1. The g++ compiler runs better on Linux than it ever does on Windows. Search for g++ in the Software Centre or:

    sudo apt-get install build-essential  
  2. The default text editor, gedit, is a couple of rungs above Notepad and a few rungs below Notepad++. However, most people never use the full feature-set of Notepad++ and Gedit should be enough for them. If not, try something like vim, emacs or Sublime Editor. What developer text editors are available for Ubuntu?
  3. What IDEs are available for Ubuntu?

Secondary: What native games are available? (some are paid, but some are free)


If you're in college it's probably adviced to use the software that is suggested by your teachers because the lessons are based on those. You can easily set up a virtual machine with Windows on your machine however. Many institutes provide free versions of Windows to their students, but you will have to consult your school about that.

Anyway, if you're determined to go entirely Ubuntu, you can do so. G++ is available on Ubuntu, Gedit can be a notepad++ replacement and MS Visual Studio can be replaced by Eclipse or NetBeans (for C/C++) or MonoDevelop (for C#)

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