Ubuntu: Simple dumb image viewer, with CLI access


I am looking for a simple, dumb image viewing program, something that I can fire up from the command line. Ideally this would be xv (is this available for Ubuntu 14.04?). I just need something that lets me look at files in /usr/share/icons/ etc. An important (necessary!) feature: it needs to work from the command line. I am sshing into the Ubuntu machine (from a CentOS machine, but that is neither here nor there) -- I am NOT on the Ubuntu machine's console.


Feh is a fast, lightweight image viewer. You can install Feh from the Ubuntu Software Center.

It is commandline-driven and supports multiple images through slideshows, thumbnail browsing or multiple windows, and montages or index prints (using TrueType fonts to display file info). Advanced features include fast dynamic zooming, progressive loading, loading via HTTP (with reload support for watching webcams), recursive file opening (slideshow of a directory hierarchy), and mouse wheel/keyboard control.


A very lightweight image viewer comes with the xloadimage Install xloadimage package to display an image in a window, provided an X-Server is running.

There are many options we can control from the command line (e. -zoom, -fit, -fullscreen etc.). Supported image formats for viewing are niff, sunraster, gif, jpeg, tiff, png, fbm, cmuraster, bpm, faces, rle, xwd, vff, mcidas, vicar, ocx, gem, macpaint, xpm, and xbm.

To view an image:

xview path/to/image  

There are no further mouse controls other than closing with a right click.

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