Ubuntu: Show ubuntu boot as UEFI in boot selection HP Envy


I've recently installed xubuntu on my HP Envy 15. I can't set it as default boot because it is not seen as UEFI boot. The strange fact is that the usb drive I used to install xubuntu (made with unetbootin) is seen as UEFI and it has the highest priority starting before Win8.1. Looking in the boot selection screen I see:

  1. OS Boot Manager
  2. ubuntu
  3. USB Drive (UEFI) <- That is the one made with unetbootin.

It's possible to set the second one as UEFI too?


That drove me crazy for THREE FULL DAYS of 18-20 hours apiece!

The solution turned out to be uber simple ... abandon the UEFI concept entirely. That's right, bulldoze that garbage overboard because HP tailored their rendition of it to only respond to Windows. (From reading between the lines on the HP (poor) support site and trying to avoid getting sucked into their "pay to play" scheme. $29.99 for a single question? Get real.)

In the bios, select "Secure Drive Defaults" and toggle every-setting-there. Then arrange the boot order, DISABLING the UEFI and PXE boot options. You aren't booting from a network and their implementation of UEFI doesn't play well with guys named Linux.

Be ruthless!

Save the bios and POWER DOWN. Don't just re-boot ... pull the plug on that beastie and give it a minute or two. HP seems to enjoy saving state when you would rather turn them off. From where I sit I can see a little green light that glows for a full minute even after unplugging the power from the transformer. (That stinks of a serious security issue, due to data remembrance in ram.)

You should be good to go after that ... I was. (YMMV)

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