Ubuntu: Resize my Home ext4 partition with unallocated space


I ve been trying to resize my ubuntu partition(/sda9) with the unallocated space (11.72GB) , I tried Gparted (pic1) but It seems that I can't add the unallocated space pic2

Can you please tell me the problem .?

Thanks !

pic1 : enter image description here

pic2 : enter image description here


To join the empty space to the partition that you want (sda9) you will need to first move partition sda5 so that the empty space is contiguous, or next to, the target partition.

Using gparted, select /dev/sda5 and choose the option resize/move - change the value in the box reading Free space preceding to 11720 to get 11.72 GiB. This will place the empty space available before partition /dev/sda5, and next to partition /dev/sda9. When this operation has completed, you will be able to choose the resize/move option of /dev/sda9 and increase the size of that partition to fill the unallocated space.


Your free space follows sda5, not sda9, so it can not be expanded into it. You would need to move sda5 to the right so that the free space precedes it and follows sda5 instead.


You have to unmount a partition first in order to resize it. If you are resizing your system partition you need to boot from a live cd/usb and then resize it. Gparted is included in Ubuntu 14.04/14.10. You can also create a standalone Gparted bootable cd/usb from the Gparted ISO found here: http://gparted.org/download.php.

:) Best of luck!

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