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Lets say i have two files foo and bar. I want a replace the string "this is test" in foo with the contents of the file bar. How can i do this using a one liner sed?

I have used:

sed -i.bak 's/this is test/$(cat bar)\n/g' foo   

but the the string is being replaced by literal $(cat bar) rather than the contents of bar. I have tried using quotations but the result remains the same.

Radu's answer is correct as far as the quote is concerned. Now the problem is lets say my bar file contains:

this  is  a  test  file  

Now if i run the command it gives an error:

sed: -e expression #1, char 9: unterminated `s' command

18 times.


The following command should work for what you want:

sed "s/this is test/$(cat bar)/" foo  

If foo contain more then one line, then you can use:

sed "s/this is test/$(sed -e 's/[\&/]/\\&/g' -e 's/$/\\n/' bar | tr -d '\n')/" foo  


sed -e '/this is a test/{r bar' -e 'd}' foo  

Source of the last two commands: Substitute pattern within a file with the content of other file

To make the change in foo file, use sed -i.


One way:

sed -e '/this is test/r bar' -e '/this is test/d' foo  

Sample result:

$ cat bar  12  23  $ cat foo  ab  this is test  cd  this is test  ef  $  sed -e '/this is test/r bar' -e '/this is test/d' foo  ab  12  23  cd  12  23  ef  

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