Ubuntu: Replace/remove Bind for improved security


I see that BIND gets endless security updates. Are there any alternative services that are not written in C/C++ that can be installed instead of it on desktop Ubuntu? Maybe I don't need BIND at all and can remove it?


Run the following command:

dpkg -l | grep 'dnsutils\|bind9utils\|dnsutils\|maas-dns\|samba\|autodns-dhcp\|bind9-dyndb-ldap|\bindgraph\|cobbler\|collectd-core\|dhis-dns-engine\|dhis-tools-dns\|dlz-ldap-enum\|dms-core\|dnssec-tools\|freeipa-server\|gadmin-bind\|ikiwiki-hosting-dns\|ldap2dns\|ldap2zone\|bind9:i386\|bind9utils:i386\|dnsutils:i386\|bind9utils\|dnsutils\|maas-dns\|bind9:i386\|bind9utils:i386\|dnsutils:i386\|dnsutils'  

This will list all the packages that depend on bind9 that are installed on your system. If you are okay with uninstalling these packages, go ahead and uninstall it.

Also, do you need a DNS server? If so, you may want to look into something else

There's pdnsd, unbound, dnsmasq, and pdns (PowerDNS) just to name a few.

It looks like PowerDNS has the most features to compete with BIND.

To list the available PowerDNS packages, run the following command:

apt-cache search pdns | grep "pdns-"  

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