Ubuntu: Reduce the size of windows in Ubuntu (14.04)


Sorry to bother you with a question probably very stupid, but I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 with Unity, and for some reasons, the windows seems to have a "minimal size". This is extremely annoying when I want to have 2 windows aside and when their minimum width don't match.

For instance, I can't reduce my gedit window below 400px width. Is it just me ? Is there a way to do that ? I couldn't find anything in the CompizConfig Setting Manager, and nothing on the internet seems to match my problem...

Thanks a lot !

EDIT : Actually, I'm trying to make a video of a window of my computer. I would like to have the targeted window take 80% of the screen, and use the space remaining to have notes. But the minimal size of gedit prevent me to do so... As I found no solution to manage correctly these windows, I'm now looking for a new text editor that doesn't have this problem.


There is a key combination of ctrl+alt+[NumpadNumber] which positions the window you have currently a focused on the screen.

  • 1/3: left/right bottom quarter
  • 7/9: left/right top quarter
  • 4/6: left/right half
  • 8/2: top/bottom half
  • 5: whole screen/maximise

In your case, you would want to focus on one window, press ctrl+alt+4 then focus on another window and press ctrl+alt+6. Now they should be side by side on your screen.

Hope this helps :)

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