Ubuntu: Redme Note Confuguring with ubuntu 14


I have just got a Redme note and using ubuntu 14.04. I can't transfer the media with my laptop. The phone is a android 4.2 and i want to transfer my media from my laptop to the redme note but its not detecting as a device or storage drive. I tried with help provided with the phone but failed.

The phone help mentions 1) Use the install tool "sudo aptitude install mtpfs libfuse-dev libmad0-dev" 2) Create a directory "mkdir"/media/mtp 3) Confirm user group permissions in current fuse user group 4) Sign in again 5) Access mounted device mtpfs/media/mtp via File explore; same as local directory 6) Uninstall device Fusemount-u/media/mtp (Ubuntu 8.04)

I tried the step 1 and it does some thing but step 2 and others dont work.

I am a very basic computer user and have no knowledge in command line. Please help in a step by step guide so i can got my phone work with my laptop.

I have just found that the same device is recognized in linux mint 17 desktop of one of my friend and i installed 17.1, but still its not recognized in my lenovo B560 laptop, and i have now freshly installed ubuntu 14.01 32 bit in my laptop, and updated to date, still its not recognizing device in file mode, but if i change to photo mode it recognize as a camera device only, shows the photo folder only of my android device. It is recgnised on a windows 7 partition, so no cable fault.

please help to solve the problem


I was able to connect my redmi 1s directly w/o an issue. It was available in Devices in Nautilus.

I will suggest you to update your ubuntu

sudo apt-get update  

Or simply run Software Updater and update ubuntu base and drivers.

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