Ubuntu: Problems with dpkg -i and brackets on 15.04 [duplicate]


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I downloaded the deb file from http://brackets.io/ and ran

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/Brackets*

and getting following error:

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of brackets:  brackets depends on libgcrypt11 (>= 1.4.5); however:  Package libgcrypt11 is not installed.  

This occurred after fresh install.


libgcrypt11 is a requirement for that package. Unfortunately it doesn't exist in Vivid and was dropped. It was replaced by a more updated libgcrypt - libgcrypt20.

Inform the upstream where you got the .deb from that they should test against libgcrypt20 and if it still works they need to specify that as the dependency instead of libgcrypt11. If it won't work with that newer package then the software won't work at all.

Ultimately the people producing the .deb have to fix this - there's nothing you can really do to fix this yourself.


Same problem here with an older version of Atom, install an older version of the library from here and it works and there are no conflicts.

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/<your_library>  sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/Brackets*  

If the dependence is corrected later, then you can remove this library with:

sudo apt-get remove libgcrypt11  

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