Ubuntu: Problem with sound in Ubuntu 13.10 : sometimes is fine but sometimes is not work


I have installed Ubuntu 13.10 beside Windows 8. When I shutdown Windows 8 in Fast Startup Mode (by default) and then run Ubuntu, Ubuntu cannot mount any NTFS partition and sound is working. But if I restart in Windows 8, partition will be mounted but sound is not working. I don't know why and how to fix it. Can anyone help me? Every advice is appreciate! Thanks all.


Fast Startup is incompatible with dual-boot configurations. It basically turns a shutdown operation into a suspend-to-disk operation, which leaves disks in an inconsistent state. At best, Linux will ignore such partitions. At worst, data corruption can result. Thus, I strongly recommend that you disable Fast Startup in Windows, as described here.

Note that the Windows Fast Startup feature is different from the firmware's feature with a similar name. Any "fast boot" or similarly-named firmware feature bypasses certain types of hardware setup. This is usually fine from a Linux perspective, although it can result in an inability to boot from an external medium like a USB flash drive. Thus, it may need to be disabled when installing Linux. Details vary greatly from one computer to another, though.

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