Ubuntu: Problem with graphic when booting from liveCD [duplicate]


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i have laptop Lenovo ideapad z50-75 AMD version and i want to install Ubuntu on my external HDD. I setup bios to legacy mode and boot from liveCD. After boot ubuntu from liveCD i should see a window, where i choose language and if i wanna try or install. But i only see black screen, only dark purple frame of this window and nothing else.

Computer spec:

  • processor: AMD FX-7500 radeon R7
  • graphic card: AMD R7 M260DX
  • RAM: 8GB

I download Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit version. Is any solution how to repair graphic to see choices?

This is, what i see, when i do UEFI boot from liveCD and start files browser. if i boot in legacy mode, same thing happend but with the window, where u can choose language and try Ubuntu or Install. enter image description here


Try choose language and "Try use Ubuntu without install"(or similar). Boot Ubuntu in Live mode and install Ubuntu from this mode.

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