Ubuntu: Problem installing Ubuntu (cannot proceed, continue button disabled)


I am trying to install Ubuntu 15.10 on my laptop which already has Windows 8.1 and CentOS Linux release 7.1.1503. Basically I am trying to replace CentOS 7 with Ubuntu 15.10.

I swear, I started yesterday night and was looking at the screen to configure my disk partitions. I was not comfortable partitioning on Friday night, so I thought I will start next day morning.

Now today morning, I cannot get to the partitioning screen as the continue button is disabled. Since I could see the partitioning screen yesterday night, the DVD must be working correctly (I was not drunk I swear). How can a DVD go bad suddenly overnight. Any help or ideas what might be wrong?

See below screen shots where the continue button is disabled for both options - Erase Disk ... and Something else.

"Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu" option selected

"Something Else" option selected

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