Ubuntu: Press NumLock without NumLock-Key?


I have an external USB Numberpad, that has no NumLock key itself. Since my Laptop hasn't one either I have no way to disable NumLock if it is set.

Now the Numberpad is set to NumLock and I can ony access the arrows, PgUp... on it.

How can I enter NumLock to change it to write numbers again?


You can start the Onboard Keyboard there you click on the Numberpad-Button 123 where you have a NumLock


You can install the package gkrellm-leds (available directly in Synaptic). This will also install gkrellm system monitor that provides a lot of information about your computer. You can disable everything that you do not need, keeping only the leds for numlock, capslock and scrollock. By clicking with your mouse on the leds you can change the status of the keyboard. And you can stick this small window anywhere on the desktop and launch it at starting. A really nice little program that you can custom by choosing amongst over 190 display themes.

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