Ubuntu: Pencil 2.0.9 opens a new firefox window instead of the software itself


Pencil Project is being actively developed here. I have firefox installed and I copied the linux package files to their respective folders. When I click application entry in menu it open firefox but no Pencil app. What is the best way to install it?

Update:- After copying the files to the system folders Evolus Pencil 2.0.9 opens a firefox window instead of the software.


I've just tested it and the same problem occurs with me (v2.0.9).

This is probably just a temporary problem. You should create a new issue. So you can best be helped.

Here is a quick hack:

Open the file /usr/bin/pencil in an editor:

sudo nano /usr/bin/pencil  

and replace content with the following code:

#!/bin/sh    APP_INI="/usr/share/evolus-pencil/application.ini"  if [ -x /usr/bin/xulrunner ]; then      /usr/bin/xulrunner "$APP_INI" "$@"  elif [ -x /usr/bin/iceweasel ]; then      /usr/bin/iceweasel --app "$APP_INI" --no-remote "$@"  else      /usr/bin/firefox --app "$APP_INI" --no-remote "$@"  fi  

You can also build it yourself though, if you do not want to install the Firefox extension (Currently the latest version is 2.0.9):

wget https://github.com/prikhi/pencil/archive/v2.0.9.tar.gz  tar -xvf pencil-2.0.9.tar.gz  cd pencil-2.0.9/build  ./build.sh linux  

Start with:

xulrunner Outputs/Linux/application.ini  


firefox --app Outputs/Linux/application.ini --no-remote  

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